Student Leadership of Learning

This academic year we were delighted to have created opportunities for our students to become fully involved in the development of teaching and learning and curriculum in the school. This was realised through the creation of our Student Learning Consultants and Faculty Ministers.

Student Learning Consultants

To become and Student Learning Consultant, students had to write to the Executive Principal/Deputy Headteacher outlining what they had achieved in their learning, how they feel learning could be improved and why they wanted the post. They were awarded with being appointed to the post and since then have been outstanding ambassadors, for the school. Amongst their many and varied responsibilities, they are tasked with welcoming our guests in to their learning environment, to share the learning being delivered, survey the student body to support achieving our vision and school improvement plan, engage in reviews of teaching and learning and presenting the results to governors, leadership, staff and students. They regularly meet, as a team to discuss improvements to practice. All this, whilst working as hard as they do in class. Attached are examples of their outstanding contribution to the school.

Student Learning Consultants Group Photo


Faculty Ministers

In January 2015, our student boy applied to our Heads of Faculty for the post of Faculty Minister. Our Faculty Ministers were selected on the basis of their support of the faculty and ideas for its improvement. The Faculty Ministers’ role is to work closely with the faculty staff to develop a more informed understanding of practice and student response.