About the Bushey Meads Rewards System

Rewarding excellence at BMS

Our  system is intended to motivate students and reward them for success in a range of educationally important, measurable targets.

From the 2013 spring half-term on-wards we are printing praise certificates/letters to present to the top 25% of students at each half-term break and entering those students into raffles for more substantial prizes. The high-profile raffle events regularly focus all students’ minds on the qualities needed to be a successful student.


How does it work exactly:

Students receive awards as follows:

  • Teachers may award 5 points for a single exceptional piece of work or 15 points for exceptional work over a longer period of time. Teachers may also give awards for exceptional effort or community support in the same way. Teachers do this through their on-line registers.
  • Teachers responsible for after-school community activities, such as sports teams and drama productions may provide the school secretaries with a list of students who should be awarded 50 points.
  • After every school assessment the top 10% of students (measured by average progress grades within 4 ability bands) are automatically awarded 99 points, and the top 25% are automatically awarded 50 points.
  • Students with 100% attendance between each half-term break are automatically awarded 50 points, and all students with 97% or above are automatically awarded 30 points.
  • Some students in special categories are awarded 50 points upon completion of individual, measurable targets.

These award points are viewable by students and parents through the Learning Gateway.  We ask parents to look at this regularly and to praise their children for all successes that are recorded.

How are award points turned into rewards

Before every half-term break the total number of award points since the last half-term break are added up. The top 25% of students receive  printed praise certificates/letters and are entered into a raffle. This is approximately 40 students in years 7-11.  Prizes are drawn as follows:

  • One first prize voucher worth £100
  • Two second prize vouchers worth £75
  • Three third prize vouchers worth £50
  • Four fourth prize vouchers worth £25
All vouchers are for the Harlequin, Watford

Rewards Evening

In addition to this, we hold an annual rewards evening, with local dignitaries and special guest speakers, to recognise the achievements of the most successful students in each subject area.