Corporal Punishment debate

Corporal Punishment Debate

Last week the debate held was.’This House would bring back corporal punishment into schools in the UK. Speaking for the motion were year 11 students Cynthia Siva and Dylan Kelly who believed that this would  act as a disincentive for students to ever misbehave again, thus leading to the overall improvement of attitude and behavioural levels within schools. They argued that standards of behaviour were declining and that it was hampering achievement for so many students.

Against the motion were year 11 students Thomas Jarvis and Kevin Tailor  who stated that whatever the situation, violence would never resolve anything, but would have detrimental effects upon pupils, especially when set within the psychological context.  It has been shown that the impact could  lead to students having a negative outlook to school life. They argued, that it would only promote bullying and would also strike fear within pupils’ hearts, which would then inhibit their learning, resulting in academic levels being negatively affected.

Prior to the debate, a vote was taken, to gauge the initial thoughts of the audience.  They were against the motion. Despite the strong arguments posed in favour of the motion, views did not change and, as a result, This House would NOT bring back corporal punishment into UK schools.


Sainka Shah year 10