Debating Society – “Grand Theft Auto is just a game, get over it”

It’s in the news: School Debating Society

With an audience of thirty-five, last week’s debate with the title ‘Grand Theft Auto is just a game, get over it’ was certainly a huge success with many students contributing to the discussion on whether or not GTA is simply for entertainment or is a pastime that can create some serious issues i.e. homicide.

Speaking first was Louis Evans, year 13, stating that GTA does not encourage crime given that research shows that youth crime has fallen. Additionally, Rockstar Games do not sell the game to players under eighteen and it is the parents who should be more responsible in this regarding their children. Furthermore, a study with 367 participants aged around thirteen shows a low correlation between the game and violence. In fact, it allows them to release their stress and anger.

His co-speaker, Kevin Tailor, year 11, pointed out the problem of censorship; that if we consider this in regard to GTA, then we should also be debating books and films, as well as the national media exposure of violent issues.

Ardently against this was Sainka Shah, year 10, who cited the instance of an eight-year-old boy who shot his grandmother after playing GTA. It is not just a game; it does promote aggression. Elodie Mayo and Hollie Davies, years 10 and 13 respectively, continued the argument, emphasising the moral issues surrounding this exposure to violence.

Before the debate, a straw poll was taken to gauge the attendees’ potential voting; after the debate it had not changed.  As a result, this house believes that  GTA is just a game, get over it!  Well done to the speakers and thank you to the audience for their participation.

Look out for the next debate, coming soon.

By Cherry Hla, 11KF