Debating Society – This House would celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web

Debating Society – This House would celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web

This week’s debate motion was: This House would celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web’ held, appropriately, on Tuesday 25th March.  The number 25 was firmly established as a key factor for the motion..

To begin, Alex Hirsh, Chair, held the straw poll, asking attendees to raise their hands either in favour or against the motion.  Those present supported the motion at this point, and the chocolate cake was prepared for the celebration.  Now on to the debate, would those who attended change their views?

For the motion were Year 11 students Dylan Kelly and Cherry Hla. The former pointed out that the Internet has made it possible for businesses from around the world to communicate and expand greatly. As a result; the modern economic world depends on the Internet. The latter stated that the WWW has made life convenient as it enables widespread communication. Both had admitted that there are issues associated with the establishment of the Internet but the consequences depend on individuals and we must trust people to use it to grow and improve the world.

Against the motion were Mrs Pinkus and year 11 student Kevin Tailor.  Whilst they conceded that there was a huge bank of positive aspects to the World Wide Web, they nevertheless lamented the problems associated with it and felt that because of these, they could not celebrate its 25th birthday. Supporting Sir Tim Berners Lee, they put forward the point that the Web has been abused and that it was despoiling humanity through the one click society and the faceless interaction that it promoted, putting forward the issues of cyber bullying, pornography access, copyright problems, child abuse through false communication, hacking of accounts. the demise of so many industries and misuse of personal data. Ideally of course we should trust people to use the internet with integrity but they pointed out that this was indeed idealistic as evidence has shown vast misuse. Although they acknowledged the benefits of the World Wide Web, they believe that the lack of control needed to be addressed and actioned before any celebrations could be made.

But those attending could not be swayed.  This is a British invention and that in itself, rather like the traditional cream tea, should be celebrated.  Well done to Dylan and Cherry.  Enjoy your celebrations.