Debating Society This House would celebrate the return of a formal uniform

 ‘This House would celebrate the return of a formal uniform to Bushey Meads School’.

On Wednesday 7th  May 2014, the debate ‘This House would celebrate the return of a formal uniform to Bushey Meads School’ took place under the veranda, near the Technology Block.  This was our first outdoor debate wherein students were invited to participate in a less formal fashion.  The atmosphere was exciting and positive and all agreed this was a delightful way to spend a lunchtime.

The speakers in support of the motion were sixth formers Alex Hirsh and Gaura Harbal and Year 11 student Kevin Tailor. They spoke of how a formal uniform would encourage, motivate and improve concentration at school, prepare students for the world of work, and significantly change the reputation and image of Bushey Meads.

Opposing the motion were Year 11 students Elodie Mayo, Cyntheiah Siva and Cherry Hla. Their reasons for opposing a change to the school uniform were that it would lead to a lack of individuality and limit our freedom of choice. Moreover, a formal suit would undeniably be much more expensive compared to casual clothes and would be impractical for certain subjects such as Drama, Art and P.E.

Inspired by the speakers, students took the opportunity to voice their views and were applauded by those who attended.

With an outstanding turnout of 54 pupils from different year groups, the Chair, Dylan Kelly, a Year 11 student, conducted the vote and found that the majority were in fact, not in favour of the motion although there were some who abstained as they would have liked a compromise between smart and casual and perhaps have different dress codes depending on the season.

The debating society would like to thank all attendees for their enthusiasm and spirit.  If you would like to be involved with this society, please go to room H2 at lunchtime on Tuesday 13 May to find out more.

Hope to see you at the next debate, date to be announced.