Debating Society – This House Would Scrap the X Factor

The Debating Society: 10 February 2014

The motion: This House Would ‘Scrap’ The X Factor.

With tongue in cheek, our speakers offered their own views on this topic. For the motion, Kevin Tailor and Sainka Shah gave clear and logical reasons why they believed the X Factor should be scrapped, but they had met their match in the reasonable arguments against the motion delivered by Dylan Kelly and Tom Jarvis.

Chaired by Alex Hirsh, the debate was lively and entertaining. There was an excellent turnout with a delightful presence of year 8 and year 10/11 students who certainly gave the speakers a run for their money. Well done to them, and we hope they continue to attend the debates in the future.

Before the debate, the majority of the audience indicated that they would vote in favour of the motion. However, by the end of the session the votes had shifted a little. Nevertheless, This House WOULD scrap the X Factor.

See you at the next debate, date to be announced.

Mrs Pinkus