Ben has written his own report of this event – well done to Ben for achieving third place with his team, especially as this was his first competition.  Please read Ben’s report here below:

Last term the English Karate Championships was held in Crawley.

On this day, five students from Tigers Shotokan Karate club were taking part in various events for example kata (a sequence of prearranged strikes and blocks), team kata (Three members of the team performing kata in perfect synchronization) and sparring.

I myself took part in individual kata and team kata. The competition began by calling the competitors to the allocated area. This was my first competition and I was immensely nervous.

Each competitor was called up individually to perform a kata. I was competing against some very experienced people. Unfortunately I was knocked out of the first round of individual kata.

I then proceeded to the next event which was team kata. My two team members and I worked extremely hard in such a short period of time to achieve an incredible degree of accuracy for the little time we had. The effort we put in to working together and performing the kata in synchronization helped us to achieve third place!

Other team members took part in sparring and managed to make us all proud by also achieving third place.

Chief instructor Vando De-Bellis of Tigers said “We are very proud of their achievement – the competition was tough and they have shown great commitment and stamina in their training and deserve this recognition – They are great ambassadors for the Association”.

Everyone in the team worked exceptionally hard to attain this amazing achievement and I myself am very proud and honoured to train with them.

Ben Praag