Entrepreneur Live Trip

On the 15th October, year 10 Business Studies attended the Entrepreneur Live event in Fulham, London. The day was an enriching experience, wherein several entrepreneurs gave inspiring speeches on how they started their own business from scratch. They all provided an invaluable insight of how life is like for any potential entrepreneur who is willing to go down this route. In addition, we got the chance to question the entrepreneurs, which further enhanced our understanding of the process.

Some of the speeches were truly heart-rending, such as the one where a representative from Wild Hearts, explained how the company used their profits to tackle poverty in the developing world through micro-finance, where it funds the down-trodden to set up small businesses of their own, so that they can work their way out of poverty. Another, motivating story included that of the chocolatier, Louis Barnett, who began making chocolates at the age of 12, after being home-schooled because of learning difficulties. Even though he had no qualifications, this still did not stop him in achieving his business aim, which just goes to show that you can achieve anything if you are determined and resilient.

There were also numerous challenges which were set, including the Enterprise Challenge which focused on the environment. The ‘Toncho Ponchos’, a team from our school, were one of the finalists to present their proposal in front of a panel of judges. They won the challenge and have been awarded with a trophy and £100 cash prize for their efforts. Another pair of students from Bushey Meads took part in another challenge and were one of the chosen teams to pitch their idea in front of an audience of around 500;  unfortunately, they did not win but were commended on their willingness to participate. All in all, the day was exceptionally motivating and rewarding.

Sainka Shah year 10