Executive Principal’s Blog – 27 March 2015

Bushey Meads School held its first whole school enrichment day on Thursday of this week and it was super to see so many varied activities taking place across our vibrant learning community. Our superb staff arranged so many creative challenges and activities for all year groups to support their personal development and aspirations for the future.

Learning about the legal system and key aspects of sociology and childcare and development; participating in a fun Maths Challenge day with a break for physical activity; building ‘Mar’s Rovers’ and designing parachutes to soften the lunar landing and developing enterprise and marketing skills and the attributes and body language needed to build a positive mindset for success, were just some of the superb activities arranged for students to enjoy throughout the day.

The enrichment day for Year 11 students was carefully tailored towards their GCSE preparation with activities designed to reinforce their learning of set texts related to their forthcoming examination.

There was a real buzz around the school and I would like to thank all the staff and students for making it such a success. Do make sure that you click on the link to read about the rest of this week’s click on the link to read about all the latest BMS News…
With best wishes for an enjoyable weekend,

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal