Football reports

Competition:Year 10   District League v


Result : BMS 3 – 3 Westfield


Wednesday   18th September
Squad :George   Tabor, Tommy O’Sullivan, Jake Rasmussen, Harry Baker, Matt Bernard, George   Payne, Alex Garvey, Matthew Walker, Jake Ellis, Dom Ashwell, Ridhawn   Shodeinde, Nick Wing, Sonny Grinham, Taylor Mitchell, Cameron Richards

Rhys   O’Reilly


ScorersC Richards

R Shodeinde

G Payne

Comment : A disappointing result having been 3-0 up. At times the boys   looked dangerous when they got the ball wide, however in the end Westfield deserved their   point.




Competition:Under 18 District   League v


Result : Westfield 4 v 1 BMS Wednesday   18th September
Squad :Lewis   Cowper, Louis Evans. Charlie Griggs. Declan Meale, Alfie Harris, Daniel Griggs,   Charlie Peters, Tom Evans, Harrison Bath, Joe Marks, Sam Yelland, James Leach,   Ben Ball, Nikos Evangelides, Dean Brinton ScorersTom Evans
Comment : A much changed team from last year made a disappointing start   to the season with a defeat away to Westfield.   Despite an improved second half performance the mistakes in the first half   cost the team a result.