BMS School Rewards: Why we are funding raffle prizes

We believe that most successful students are motivated intrinsically, through enjoying their studies. And it remains our aim to ignite students’ pleasure and interest in learning. However, it is generally agreed that extrinsic motivation is an influential lever for success that must also be tapped. Rewards can provide that extra piece of motivation for some and, perhaps more importantly, by rewarding success we highlight  the importance of good student habits such as attendance, serious study and revision. But why a raffle rather than a reward for all worthy students?

While the raffle only provides the chance of a voucher prize (to add to the certificate) , it does mean that we can afford more substantial prizes. The quality of prizes, and the theatre of a raffle draw itself, provides thrice-yearly, high-profile rewards events that focus students’ minds on the study skills essential for success.

The ideas for our rewards system have arisen through listening to student voice, which included a successful presentation to the governors from our head boy and head girl.