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rbs pic       RBS Building A Business

Tuesday 18 June 2013, students of GCSE Business Studies   participated in the RBS Building A Business challenge, organised by Douglas Pinder, the Sustainable Development Officer of RBS.  Accompanied by 20 interns and post graduates of ImperialCollege, London and LSE, Mr Pinder invited the student teams to

Design a business that creates a product that will make every day life easier”

Each team would present their ideas to the panel of judges and in front of their peer audience.

Interspersed were presentations by the interns of their experiences at RBS, their time at university, how to apply for an apprenticeship or internship within the group, which the students found both interesting and helpful.  At lunchtime, a few of the Business Studies A level students came to chat with the interns who gave them tips towards a successful degree and career route.

As the morning progressed, each table of students was mentored by   the interns and gained an insight into relating the theory they had studied to practical realism.

Winners of the challenge were team Examination Advice Association with their service X-Aid.  This was a business which recognised that students are put under enormous stress during examination revision time, and offered a website packed full of information and resources for exams and revision – including revision materials, advice and a forum for student exchanges.  In their pitch, the team explained that revenue would be generated through advertisements on the website and on the app.

Congratulations to team members:

Managing Director:         Albert Stoker

Finance Director:              Eliot Zrihen

Marketing Director:        Michael Sturgess

Sales Director:                   Georgia Haughey

Sales Director:                   Lilamadhuri Lobin

Product Design:                Milan Tancak

Are these our future entrepreneurs?  Only time will tell.

E Pinkus

Business Studies