Girls Sports reports

Girls Match Reports wb 20/10/2014

Girls Basketball

Tuesday 21st October

Year : 7

Opposition:                Fixture: Tournament

Result: 4th

Squad: K. Williams, A. Taylor Wells Harbin, Y. Webb, E. Henderson, A. Finley, N.Redmond

Comment: The girls first competitive basketball games and they played well. They learnt a lot and they never gave up. Some of the games against other schools were very close with some excellent shooting from BMS!

Player of Match: Anais

Girls Netball

Wednesday 22nd October

Year : 9

Opposition:  WGGS              Fixture:  League

Result: Lost 21-4

Squad : B.Lipman, R.Bharmal, L.Parr, O.McManus, E.Felguiras, I.Hadland, M.Stefanov, V.Pratt

Comment: This was a tough match against tall opposition. The girls found it hard to get the ball into our shooting third. The girls never gave up and were improving in the last third.

Player of Match: B Lipman

Year : 10

Opposition:    WGGS             Fixture:  League

Result: Lost 15-7

Squad: Isabella Stovey, Alysson Sunpongco,, Elin Bonyadi, Tayla B – White, Myah Sharif, J Pickles

Comment: A good effort by all players. Unfortunately our passing lacked accuracy and as a consequence the opposition were able to intercept and score.

Player of Match: A Sunpongco

Year : 11

Opposition:    WGGS             Fixture:  League

Result: Lost 17-7

Squad: A. Leech, C. Stewart, G. Hill, A. Francis, D. Noel, M. Baker, S. Wright, E. Jarman

Comment: A tough game for the girls who have been unbeated for a year! They never gave up and they learnt a lot about themselves as a team and how they play under pressure. The girls attitude given the quality of the opposition was commendable.

Player of Match: Annalise Leech

Year :  Senior

Opposition:    WGGS             Fixture:  League

Result:  Lost 26-9

Squad: .A.Bates, E.Cowley, E.Charalambous, N.Sharif, M.Pooley, L.Jarman

Comment:  In a tough game Bushey were outplayed from the onset and although winning the final quarter were unable to claw back the deficit.

Player of Match:   E.Charalambous

Girls Netball

Thursday 23rd October

Year : 11

Opposition:    St.Margarets           Fixture:  League

Result: Won 18-4

Squad:  A. Leech, C. Stewart, G. Hill, D. Noel, M. Baker, S. Wright, D. Olcot, E. Jarman

Comment: This was an outstanding team effort by the girls. Excellent intercepting. passing and movement down court by all players. A pleasure to watch.

Player of Match: Sophia Wright