Bushey Meads’ success and popularity is likely to lead to expansion

In 2012 Bushey Meads received in excess of 900 applications for our 170 wonderful Year 7s who started this September. This was our highest number of applications ever! This year we expect to exceed this.

At the same time the population in the South West of Hertfordshire is growing and there is an increasing shortage of secondary school places. I am sure you have heard about such shortfalls in the national press. Therefore, Hertfordshire County Council has approached Bushey Meads to expand by one additional form of entry in 2015. Calculations have been made to cost this expansion which is likely to be in excess of £3.5 million. The proposed expansion will still be subject to obtaining town planning permission.

Bushey St James Trust is delighted with the prospect of this because it brings additional funding for buildings and resources into the school, whilst remaining with a medium-sized intake. One factor that has been paramount in discussions and my consideration is that the ethos of BusheyMeadsSchool is maintained. We are determined the happy, successful, and caring ethos would not be affected.

Below is a birds’ eye view of what this possible expansion could look like:


Proposed Expansion (click to enlarge)









Examination Success

HEADLINES PICTURE_130902 exam results

As usual the papers have been following the highs and lows of examination success. I am glad to report to you that here at Bushey Meads it has been a great success. In all key stages Bushey Meads students have succeeded. The majority of A2 students are moving on to their university of choice. GCSE students are starting their A Levels having reached entry requirements.

Many former Bushey Meads students have now started their university courses.  We are always very pleased to hear of their progress and success in later life.  This is why we keep our Bushey Meads School Ties website for former students and staff.

 This Autumn we have seen students move on from Year 13 to follow their degree courses at various universities around the country – Emma Adams has moved north to Sheffield University to follow Law with Spanish, Rebecca Boughton is also at Sheffield studying Economics.  Both of these students achieved one A* and 2As at A Level.

 Our two top performing boys have moved on to follow courses in design – Tim Emery is in Plymouth studying Architecture and Callum Buchannan is following Aeronautical Engineering at Liverpool.

 We look forward to hearing how their studies progress. 

 I would like to thank all the students, staff and you the parents for your support in achieving our enviable success rates.







 Mr K Douglas