HEADLINES – w/c 10 June 2013

Just before we broke up for the half-term we had to say our formal goodbyes to our Year 13 students.  We also traditionally say goodbye to our Year 11s too, but for most this is only temporary and we look forward to seeing them back in September to start their A-levels.  Below is a brief overview of the events that took place for both year groups, starting with an article written by Mr Young who has been Acting Head of Sixth Form for most of the year pending the return of Ms Smallwood from maternity leave last week.


Year 13 Leavers Assembly

‘On Friday 24th May, we said goodbye to our Year 13 students with an emotional Leavers’ Assembly in the Sixth Form Study Centre. Students entered to the sounds of the number One Single on the day they started Bushey Meads in 2006 (The Scissor Sisters – I don’t feel like Dancing) and were treated to a slideshow of photos cataloguing their time at Bushey Meads, some being more embarrassing than others!

HEADLINES PICTURE_130610 Yr13 leaversThe day marked the culmination of three days of themed fancy dress which the students embraced with their customary zeal and enthusiasm. On Thursday, staff and students shared a very enjoyable game of Rounders on the field during lunch with Elves, Fairies and Superheroes flying round the pitch. The game was most notable for Mr Newbold taking a tumble but despite concerns there was no serious damage. The Year group have been one of our most successful at Bushey Meads and it was nice to see them honouring their last few days here with the staff who have made it all possible. Ms Smallwood was also back to see the year group for one last time which the students really appreciated. It was a shame the weather was not so kind. Torrential rain and temperatures more akin to November rather than May saw our beach boys and cheerleaders envying Head boy Rob Walsh and his Honey Monster costume. The assembly gave me the opportunity to thank the Year Group for their hard work while I have led the Sixth Form while Ms Weddle led the rewards ceremony with Penny Grace winning the top prize of £100 in Harlequin vouchers for her attendance and achievement for the year. The event ended with a touching and memorable homage to the year group from Mr Dawson with just enough time for cake and photographs in the rain before students said goodbye to the school for the final time. We wish the year group the best of luck in their exams and future success wherever life takes them’.

Mr Young


Mr Allen, Pastoral Support Manager for KS4 has written the following report on the Year 11 Leavers Assembly:

HEADLINES PICTURE_130610 Yr11 leaversOn Wednesday 15th May our former Year 11s went on study leave for their GCSE exams. To celebrate their time here at Bushey Meads School, a surprise leavers assembly was held in the school hall. The emotional occasion was an opportunity to reminisce about the good times had at school (remember they say that school days are the best days of your life!) and a chance to think about the future and what challenges and exciting times lay ahead.  Many thanks go to students Amiee Stein who created a wonderful video full of happy memories and Ashleigh Wright and Megan Thornton for their awards ceremony. My favourite part of the event was producing a photo montage using pictures taken of the students from when they were in Year 7 and seeing how much they had changed. GCSE exams continue until Monday 24th June so to any Year 11s reading this I hope you are just taking a break from revising. See you at the Prom.

 Mr Allen