HEADLINES – w/c 10 September 2012

Bushey Meads at the Olympics

 I am certain you will all agree with me it has been a great summer for British sport. The Olympics has inspired people across the generations.


 I am extremely proud to report to you that Bushey Meads played its part during the games.  We

Michael Pope - Year 13 student carrying the torch

had four Bushey Meads current and former students involved.  Michael Pope, one of our Year 13 students, carried the Olympic torch on its way to Stratford, and former students Jack Pegram and Jessica Talbot also took part in the torch relay.   On the night of the opening ceremony of the Paralympics, the cauldron was lit by a former teacher of Bushey Meads, Ms Margaret Maughan, who was chosen for this honour as she was the first ever gold medallist for Britain in the Paralympics.  Ms Maughan was a Domestic Science teacher and held her last teaching post before retirement here at Bushey Meads.  Finally, of course we were fortunate to secure an Olympic gold medallist as our speaker at Rewards Evening in July, Martin Cross who rowed with Sir Steve Redgrave the first time they won the gold in the coxed-four event.  Martin also rowed the Gloriana down the Thames to deliver the torch on its final leg to the stadium for the opening ceremony of the Olympics and commentated for the BBC at the rowing events.

 Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of accompanying some of the physically and neurologically impaired students to the Excel centre to see Boccia, Weighlifting, Fencing and Volleyball.  All of the students and the staff were inspired by the event.  Josh Crowther from Year 8 was just one of the students who attended – here is his report on his special day:

 ‘On Wednesday I went to the Paralympics with Base students.  We went on the bus and looked at London’s new buildings.  They had so much there and we saw the new cable car across the Thames!  When we arrived it was like entering an airport – I got really excited and we had to go to security,  then we were there and we watched everything-  it was amazing.  My favourite game was fencing.’ 

 There has been a lot of debate in the media about the Olympics legacy especially in regard to school sport.  At Bushey Meads we take this seriously and therefore this Summer we installed a new Astroturf on the tennis court.  This is a multi use service which we will be able to use for all sports throughout the year.  We encourage a healthy life style at Bushey Meads and we aim to play our part in continuing the legacy of the Olympics for young people.