HEADLINES – w/c 11 March 2013


At Bushey Meads we offer Master Classes for our partner primary schools in Mathematics and ICT.  These are offered as part of our Technology Specialist status.  Every Wednesday Year 6 primary students come to the school and take part in these lessons.  These classes are designed for highly able young people and I know that the Mathematics students have been undertaking some of the topics our Year 10 students would attempt!  One parent commented to me that her child loved the classes – but said his head was bursting by the end of the lesson.  It is good to hear the students are being challenged.

 On Wednesday we invited the parents of these students to come in and see the work their children are undertaking, and this was followed by a tea party for the students and parents.  The parents were able to go into the classes and meet with the staff.  I would like to personally thank Ms Gregory for running the ICT class and Mr Davidson for the Mathematics.


This is a great example of Bushey Meads working with local primary schools – Little Reddings (partner Bushey St James Academy Trust school), Bushey Heath, Ashfield and Highwood.  We have now been approached in regard to expanding our range of classes and are therefore looking at introducing Master Classes in English and possibly French in the future.