Headlines – w/c 21 May 2012

The chateau where students stayed

 On Friday the French trip returned – 44 Year 7 and 8 students went out and came back in one piece!  The trip involved a week’s residential visit to theOpalCoast. This picture shows the château the students stayed in.  There were a number of exciting activities during the course of the week which the students took part in.  Ms Levy, leader of the trip, reported that one of the highlights was going to the market where students spent the time perusing the stalls and purchasing pastries.  Apparently, their French was ‘tres bon’!  Another highlight was going to the snail farm and I was surprised to learn that, despite their initial trepidation with tasting snails, in fact, the majority of them sampled a snail during the visit.

Their trip also incorporated more history this year,  visiting the construction and launch sites of the V1 and V2 rockets in World War II.   This picture shows the party at the location.

Students visiting Ypres

Another famous and moving site the students visited was the Menin Gate inYpres,Belgium.  Students told me how touched they were by this visit.  The huge arch is inscribed with the names of the soldiers of World War I whose bodies were never identified nor recovered. 

All in all this was a marvellous visit and it would not be a complete Bushey Meads School trip without the students and staff receiving compliments from the château staff and the coach company.   They were told they were one of the best groups they had ever hosted.

I would like to thank Ms Levy for organising the visit and Mr Knowles, Mr Davidson and Ms Reid who accompanied the trip.


May I remind you that there is an INSET day directly following the half-term week, so students do not return from half-term until Tuesday 12 June except for those Year 11 students who are taking GCSE examinations on that day.  These students have been informed of their specific arrangements and are aware that there is no school transport on that day.