HEADLINES – w/c 22 April 2013

Already we are into the second week after the Easter holidays and examination students must ensure they are working and revising.  Last Thursday we ran a revision evening for Year 11 parents / carers to demonstrate how you can support your child at home.

Here are some general revision tips for parents / carers:

  • Try not to nag (I know it is difficult) but it is negative for students
  • Encourage – ie ‘why not spend an hour on this now and we will do something different later’
  • Provide an incentive – short term rewards during revision and perhaps something more significant if they have worked hard for all their exams
  • Make sure they have all they need – buying pens, pencils and other equipment from the supermarket is cheap and it shows you care – it also reduces the stress of having to make these purchases directly before the examinations
  • Make sure they have a quiet place to work – encourage no social media contact via the computer / phone
  • Encourage working in shorter / sharper periods – an hour is enough without a short break.  Long periods of revision have diminishing returns
  • Ask your child to tell you what they have been learning – to articulate it – it makes a huge difference in assimilating information

School to School Support

Your child may have said they have not seen my usual level of presence around the school site since Easter.  This is because I have been asked by Hertfordshire to assist another local school.  This support is likely to be through this term and into next.  Therefore, during this period Ms Morawska has been promoted to Acting Headteacher and Ms Weddle to Acting Deputy Headteacher.  I am still in Bushey Meads every day, but spending time at our support school as well.  This form of support is supported by the Department for Education and I am pleased to be able to assist another local school.  Most communication with home on a day to day basis is typically with your child’s Key Stage office.  However, if you need to see the Deputy or Headteacher please refer your enquiries to Ms Weddle in the first instance or, if the issue requires, to Ms Morawska.

Mr K Douglas