HEADLINES – w/c 24 September 2012

Summer Improvements – a healthy start

Refurbished Dining Hall

 During the summer holidays we have been improving the school site.  I am sure the students have told you about our new dining hall.  This has consisted of a new roof, double glazed windows, new seating, installing bar seating, new flooring and the whole area being redecorated.

 Last week we hosted a Year 10 GCSE Evening and a Year 7 Welcome Evening for parents and all of them commented positively on the transformation.  The whole of this project cost £200,000 and we secured this money from the Department for Education, ABM catering and funds raised by the school.

New Astroturf area



In addition, we have also installed a new Astroturf on our old tennis courts.  There was a great deal of media coverage during the Olympics regarding how schools were selling off their playing fields in order to raise money.  This is not the case at Bushey Meads – we pledge to keep all our playing fields and to enhance our sporting facilities.

 Our improvements this year have all been about encouraging a healthy lifestyle, a healthy body and a healthy diet.  May I remind you that those of you who drop your children off at school by car in the morning are encouraged to do so at our drop off points: King Georges Park, Bushey Golf Club and The Moatfield Recreation Ground.  This way the children can exercise by walking 5 – 10 minutes to school and it reduces congestion around the school site.  I would also ask you not to drop off across the driveways of houses on Coldharbour Lane – we have received complaints from our neighbours about this and most importantly it is dangerous to drop your children off in the middle of the road – lets all work together on this.  The school has worked hard with Hertfordshire County Council to improve our drop off and pick up areas away from the school – lets all support this initiative.