HEADLINES – w/c 13 May 2013

Visit to London School of Economics

HEADLINES PICTURE_130507 Lond Sch EconomicsLast term I reported on the masterclasses that we offer highly able students from local primary schools in Maths and IT.  As the programme is coming to an end with their SATs fast approaching our Maths Faculty organised a trip, together with a group of our KS3 students, for the Maths Masterclass students to visit the London School of Economics last week.

Two of our students have written reports on their day.  Here’s a few extracts to give you a flavour of what the day offered them and what they felt they gained from it:

Sainka Shah from Year 9:   Upon arriving, we were giving a small tour of the site which allowed us to gain a valuable insight into the daily routine at the London School of Economics and the direct contrasts between University and school life. The interior design had a contemporary style, which made us all feel in awe of the actual scale and complexity of the buildings. The library itself has been estimated to contain an astonishing figure of over 4 million books and we were also informed by our guide that students can borrow up to 20 books in one go!

Sahil Sindhi, Year 7 says:  I also enjoyed this trip because there were fun and mathematical activities that we participated in such as a question and answer section with some lecturers. We got the opportunity to find out about their childhood ambitions and their favourite parts of Maths. In addition to this we had a quiz, this quiz didn’t only have maths questions it had logic and lateral questions, which I found fun and I really enjoyed trying to solve some of the riddles. 

And to sum up the day, Sahil reported:  To conclude this was an amazing trip I would definitely go again. I learnt some new things about the history of some of the buildings and some complex maths. All in all I would say I had a really good time.

Although University is still a long way off for all these students a trip like this can assist in giving them the inspiration and drive to aspire.  I wonder if any of these students will be attending the London School of Economics themselves in future years?

Mr Douglas