HEADLINES – w/c Mon 2 July 2012

Goodbye to Year 11 and 13

 Last week the public exams finally came to an end and therefore it was time to have our Proms.   We had two proms – one for Year 11 and another for Year 13.  These are always great occasions and something the young people really value – it is the celebration of all those years of studying coming to an end and a chance to be with your year group for the last time.

 Many of our Year 11 students are returning to Bushey Meads for Year 12 so, for many, it was only a temporary goodbye. Of course, Year 13 have come to the end of their education with us.  To all of the students who are moving on, I wish you every success in the future and keep in touch – we want to hear from you and learn all about your many successes!

  Year 5 Technology Days

 This week Bushey Meads played host to four of our local primary schools, offering technology lessons.  Bushey Meads is a Specialist Technology College and, as well as offering courses to our students, we provide a great deal of community technology opportunities.

 Year 5 students from Little Reddings, Ashfield, Bushey Heath and Highwood primary schools joined us to undertake some technology activities such as designing and printing T-shirt logos in ICT, preparing and baking cookies in Food Technology, chemistry experiments, looking at water fleas through microscopes and going round Bushey Meads undertaking a Maths trail. 

 The primary students had a fantastic time with many asking, ‘Can I come again?’  I would like to thank all the staff from Bushey Meads and the primary schools for offering this great experience.