HEADLINES – Wednesday 21 November 2012

Anti-Bullying Week

This week I have been speaking in assembly to students about bullying. This week is  national awareness of bullying and it is a topic we take very seriously at Bushey Meads.   In particular I discussed cyber bullying with the students.  The message I put to students was that what you say on twitter, Facebook and BBM is just as serious as saying it face to face.  At Bushey Meads we take away the technology shield.  If students bully or say hurtful and hateful things on line it is just as serious as saying it face to face to someone. We regularly check websites, Twitter etc to see what may be connected to Bushey Meads and only last week two students were severely punished for making highly inappropriate comments about members of the school community.  I would urge you to speak to your child about this topic.

At Bushey Meads we make it easy to report bullying – you can tell any teacher, the pastoral manager, there is a link on our website to report bullying and a front page links to the Child Exploitation Online Protection Service (CEOPS) from which you can get advice and directly report on line abuse to the police.

Youth Parliament

I have given one of our Sixth Form students – Alex Hirsh –  the opportunity to post the following article along with my Headlines.  I am sure you will join me in supporting Alex and we all wish him well in the coming election.  Please take the time to read his article:

My name is Alex Hirsh and I am a Year 12 student at Bushey Meads School. In January 2013 I will be standing to become a Member of Youth Parliament for Hertfordshire. I am the first student from Bushey Meads to stand in this election and feel very honoured to be representing the school through my candidacy. MYP’s are elected by student through online voting which will take place towards the end of January and beginning of February. If I am successfully elected I will be able to  put forward the views, concerns and issues felt by students to a team of other Members of the Youth Parliament to discuss and hopefully create solutions.

I am writing to ask for your support in achieving this successful outcome, in helping to spread the word about what I am doing and, if you are a student, to vote for me next year!

Many thanks in advance for your support as it is greatly appreciated and please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Alex Hirsh


Every term I offer parents/carers the opportunity of meeting with me to discuss general topics which apply to the whole school community or relevant year group, eg bus service, school uniform etc.  This enables me to obtain a balanced view on these issues and gives you the opportunity to have your say.  This term I am offering 10 minute appointments on Tuesday 27 November, 3:30pm – 6:00pm.  To book an appointment please phone Reception on 020 8950 3000 and ask to speak with my PA, Mrs Armitage.  Please note you will be asked the nature of your appointment so that I have an agenda for each meeting.  The purpose of these sessions is not to discuss individual/specific issues relating to your child/ren.  I hope to see a number of you at these sessions.


You should have all received your Prize Draw tickets and order form for a BMS Xmas Pudding by now.  Please do support the school by purchasing a ticket or two – we are not expecting families to necessarily buy the whole book of tickets, after all – only one ticket can win the first prize of the iPhone5!  Any profits made from the Draw will enable us to purchase items for the students which would not otherwise be affordable or justifiable from our school budget. 

The Xmas puddings are also  selling well.  Please note, we have limited supplies so these are being sold on a first-come, first-served basis.