Need information, advice or support? Give HertsHelp a call today

HertsHelp is a free and confidential information service, to help people find solutions to everyday issues quickly and simply.

The experienced advisers at HertsHelp can provide information on a variety of subjects, in different formats if required.

HertsHelp can provide you with useful support and advice on subjects such as:
• where to get help applying for a school place
• how to find out about activities taking place in the school holidays
• how to get advice on lowering your energy bills or benefit entitlement
• where to find out about home adaptations, services or activities for a disabled child
• how to find out about volunteering opportunities
• where to get advice on further education options for your child

HertsHelp provides a single route into the support and resources offered by a network of nearly 300 organisations across the county. So if HertsHelp doesn’t know the answer right away, they will know someone who does.

Whatever the question, HertsHelp can help. To get in touch, call 0300 123 4044 or email: info@hertshelp.net

HertsHelp is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and until 7pm on Thursdays. For more information please visit: www.hertsdirect.org/hertshelp