Inter-Form Sports News

Year 9 Inter-Form 5-a-side Football

Tuesday 25th June saw the new Year 9 forms competing in the Inter-Form football competition.  It was a very exciting competition with nearly 35 boys taking the opportuinity to engage in some competitive sport. The tournament was finally won by 9AA who scored 13 points out of 15. 9 GAK were 2nd with 9PK in 3rd place. The winning squad was :


Luke Piesley, Charlie Francis, Charlie Barnett, Matthew Merryweather, Max Venning.


Top goalscorer on the night was Sam Farman in 9GAK who scored 7 goals. Well done to all the boys who took part.

Final positions :

  1. 9AA
  2. 9GAK
  3. 9PK
  4. 9KN
  5. 9SW
  6. 9LAR/9KBD


Year 8 inter form dance 

The girls competed last Thurs ( 27th June) in a a very close competition. Both dances showed varied and interesting choreography. Well done to all girls for their commitment during the week.
Thanks to Emily Charalambous, Becky Ball  and Jemma Dillon for judging the competition.


Reswana Bharmal- 8CDS

Victoria Pratt- 8CDS


2nd place – Ellie Felguerias- 8NMF

Malitsa Stefanov  8NMF

Sophie Oster 8HB

Olivia NcManus- 8 NMF


Year 9 Inter-Formr Rounders

On Tues 2nd July approximately 50 students took part in the inter-form rounders competition. It was a very closely contested competition played in a very good spirit. The winners were 9KP with the successful squad below :

Cody Johnson, Neil Shah, Elin Bonyadi, Isabella Stovey, Imogen Vincent, Harry Eagell.


Final positions were :

1st  9KP

2nd 9KBD

3rd 9KN

4th= 9AA

4th= 9SW

6th 9LAR