Key Stage Four Curriculum

At Key Stage 4 curriculum design is very important to us and we have put every effort in to building on the successes at Key Stage 3 and designing the pathway that is right for each individual student as they enter this exciting stage of their education. We are very aware that students learn in different ways and it is vital that we provide the means in our curriculum design that ensure each and every student is in a position to achieve their full potential.

The majority of students at Bushey Meads study a ‘core’ of compulsory subjects that we believe form the bedrock of their future academic success. Maths, English, Science, and a Technology subject (including ICT) are all studied as examination courses. Pathway 1 students are also required to choose a Modern Foreign Language and History or Geography. The reason for this is linked to the English Baccalaureate which is explained on the next page. What I would add here is that Languages and Humanities are curriculum areas that have proved to be very successful at Bushey Meads, attaining well above national average over recent years. The E-Bacc subjects are also accessible to Pathway 2 students and they will be encouraged and guided to opt for courses within this area. Students identified as requiring an alternative pathway to success will have a meeting with Mrs McIldowie (Head of Work Related Learning) to discuss their options further.

In addition to our broad curriculum offer we have also added a new technology subject of GCSE Food Technology to our highly popular Catering GCSE.

In addition to the ‘core’ subjects students also study PE four hours per fortnight which, although not an examined course, is very much in line with the high importance we place on health and fitness at Bushey Meads. We also run a number of ‘themed days’ in personal development, careers, finance, enterprise and Religious Education as we continue our focus on the ‘whole child’ into Key Stage 4.

Please remember that whilst we will do our utmost to provide all the subjects offered and to accommodate all reasonable choices, financial, uptake, staffing or timetable constraints can occasionally make this impossible. Similarly, the syllabus content for each course may be subject to change.


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