17 July 2014


Dear Parents/carers

As some weeks have passed since the communication regarding the details of the new uniform I thought it worthwhile just recapping on what new items are required for September:

Blazer    +             school regulation                                             Prices from £31.99

Jumper ++          school regulation (optional)                        Prices from £16.50

Ties ++                  with relevant house colour stripe             Prices from £7.99

Shirts+++             white, with collar that buttons

to the neck-line

+ the blazer is only available from dj uniforms for the initial purchase.  This is due to the timeframe involved in the implementation of the new uniform.  As from 2015 both our suppliers – dj unforms and beatschooluniforms will be stocking the blazer.

++ the jumper and tie can be purchased from either of our suppliers

+++ the shirts can be purchased from any supplier of your choice


dj uniforms:  45 Bushey High Street, Bushey, WD23 1BD, tel no:  020 8421 9488

Beat school uniforms:  Unit 1, Paramount Industrial Estate, Sandown Rd, Watford, WD24 7XE,

tel no:  0844 8797288

PLEASE NOTE:  It is not anticipated that the stock of the blazer, tie and jumper will be available for purchase until the final week of August.   The reason for this is that the blazer has to be manufactured bespoke with our school badge and of course our order was not placed until June.  A text alert and email will be sent out to inform you as soon as the stock has arrived.  For those of you on holiday during that week, please note the students do not start back to school until Wednesday 3 September so there is the Monday and Tuesday of that week to make your purchases if necessary.


In September we will be asking students to bring their redundant sweatshirts and polo-shirts in to school to donate to a charity who will send the items to deserving schools in Kenya.  We will provide you with more information on this in September.

In regard to the house ties, all students have been informed of their House as from September.  These are linked to their existing tutor groups.  The house system theme is trees and the colours for the houses are as follows:

ASH                        pale blue

BEECH                   purple

ELM                       royal blue

MAPLE                  orange

OAK                       maroon

SYCAMORE         yellow

WILLOW               red

The new house system at Bushey Meads will build on the strong, caring, family atmosphere that exists at the school. Whilst students will still be very much part of a ‘horizontal’ year group, they will also enjoy ‘vertical’ house assemblies and special house activities throughout the year alongside students from Years 7 – 13 who are in their house. Student leadership opportunities will also be available through the new house system and students will be encouraged to become House Reps, House and Deputy House Captains and be part of the Student Parliament that helps to run the school.

Also, I would like to make you aware of some changes to assembly, break and lunch times.  Please note, this does not affect start and finish times of the day which remain as 0840– 1515 Monday – Thursday, and 0840 – 1445 on Fridays.


                                                               Mon – Thurs                                        Fri

Registration +

Assembly/Tutor time                                  0840-0905                                                            0840-0900


Break                                                                    1105-1130                                                            1100-1115


Lunch                                                                    1330-1415                                                            1315-1345


Please note, as part of our drive to encourage and improve literacy, we expect all students to bring in a reading book of their choice for use within school as from September.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very enjoyable summer break, and we look forward to seeing all the students back on Wednesday 3 September for a prompt 0840 start.  We also look forward to Mr Turner starting with us and I am sure you will have the opportunity to meet him in due course if you have not had the pleasure of doing so already.


Kind regards


Hilary Morawska

Acting Headteacher