Marking and Feedback Symbols

With immediate effect to help you improve your progress, staff will be using the attached literacy symbols when they are marking your written work.

These symbols will help you to see the literacy skills upon which you need to improve, in your learning.

You may be given time, within lessons, (or as part of your homework), where you can reflect on the symbols and comments from the teacher, about your work and improve it, accordingly.

If you continue to respond well to these symbols alongside your teachers’ verbal and written feedback, you will see an immediate improvement in the quality of your work.

Do save this document, for you to be able to refer back to when you are re-drafting your work or moving onto your next piece. Always be mindful, to check back over your last piece of work to ensure that the same literacy errors are not repeated.

Mr Turner and I will be looking forward to discussing with you how well you are using these symbols and the very helpful staff feedback, to improve your work.

Please do ensure that you come and show Mr Turner and me your most improved piece of work, throughout this year.

Ms Morawska
Deputy Headteacher


Marking and Feedback Symbols