Oval Conference

On the 20th January, we travelled to the Oval Cricket Stadium, situated within the centre of London, where a conference was being held in order to help promote more people to aim higher.  Two speakers from Oxford University and King’s college, who represented the Oxbridge and Russell Group, talked about University life and the way it is run. They clearly emphasised the importance of participating in extra curricular activities, including taking an active role within the school community, such as attending debating society, sport clubs, etc. By undertaking enriching hobbies including reading various newspaper/magazine articles or undergraduate work, you would be able to gain a wider insight into the current global affairs which affect our world at present therefore boosting your chances of being accepted by the most prominent universities. In addition, undertaking online courses during the holidays would provide evidence that you have done some independent learning outside the school environment and so would definitely enhance your chances. We were given a list of websites in order to help us achieve this, which include:



The day, in my opinion, was extremely interesting and inspiring, since for me it has certainly shone a light into the steps of which I need to take to succeed in the future and I hope that this article has been useful for you too.