We have recently become increasingly concerned by the number of parents parking very close to the school entrances to drop off and collect their children.  Our concern is for the safety of our students. 

 Also a number of parents have been using the school bus drive in/out area – may I remind you this is not for parental use at the start and end of the school day again for obvious safety reasons.

 We have also received complaints from our neighbours reporting parents parking inconsiderately, ie blocking driveways.  One neighbour actually had to wait for 15 minutes until one of our parents returned from the school before she could exit her own drive, causing her child to be late getting to her school.

 We know that the majority of parents are vigilant in all areas mentioned above, otherwise the start and end of the school day would be absolute chaos.  However, equally it only takes a few parents to create a potentially unsafe environment for the students.  We hope all parents will be mindful of the above issues for the sake of everyone.