Competition:Partnership Tournament – Year 7 Result : 3rd     Place Tuesday   27th November
Squad :M.Mauraks,   E.Parhurst, L.Abbiw-Wood, L.Farrow, V.Pratt, R.Bharmal, S.Oster, M.Stefanov,   G.Monfared, O.McManus, Queens School
Comment : V   Yavneh lost 0-10

V   Watford Girls won 24-2

V   Queens lost 2-6

In their   first competitive match the yr 7 girls’   basketball squad put up a spirited display and showed great improvements in   the tournament.

Eventually   finishing 3rd the girls developed their understanding of game play and   demonstrated great potential for future matches.

Well done Girls.

















Competition:Partnership Tournament – Year 9 Result : 2nd Place Tuesday   27th November
Squad :S.   Wright, G. Hill, D. Noel, K. Leech, E. Jarman, B. Mason, C. Stewart, Queens School
Comment : V   Yavneh won 14-6

V   Watford Girls won 8-2

V   Queens lost 6-20

In their   first competitive match of the year the yr 9 girls’ basketball squad displayed excellent passing and shooting and came 2nd   in their tournament.

The girls played well together from the beginning   and started to demonstrate much better defence in the last two games.

Well done Girls.

















Competition:Yr 8 v   Immanuel Result   :  Won   11-2 Wednesday   5th December
Squad : T.Bingham-Thaker, I.Stovey,   E.Bonyardi, E.Leeves, J.Boseley, T.Barnard-White, M.Sharif, J Pickles, Home
Comment: This was the last   league match for the year 8’s. The girls began well and pulled ahead in the   first quarter. However in the second quarter their opposition improved and   began to intercept their passes. The girls regained their fighting spirit and   increased their lead in the final quarter by 9 goals. This win meant that the   girls won the District League for this season.A   fantastic season for the girls, well done to all players.

Man of Match- Year 8 netball team.

District Swimming Gala

On Friday December 7th six Bushey Meads students took part in the Watford District Schools Swimming Gala. It was a very competitive event with over 150 competitors. Special mention to Charlie Wray who was 2nd in the Intermediate Boys Breaststroke and Jack Jackson who was 3rd in the Senior Boys Backstroke. Well done to all the team.

Full squad : Jack Jackson, Charlie Wray, Eliot Zrihen, Emily Wray, Libby White and Isobel Malin.