Year 8 District   League v Rickmansworth (Away)

Result :

Lost 36-29

Thursday   28th February
Squad :

Jadd Jalkhi, Ryle Bumagat, Matin   Mansouri, Vamsi Dyjecinski, Neil Shah, Mohammed Hirji, Sam Farman, Oliver   O’Reilly, Tom Harford, Leon Nyoro


Scorers :

Jalkhi 17, Bumagat 2, Shah 2, Farman 2, Hirji   2, Harford 2

Comment :

The year 8 boys were very unlucky to lose   in an excellent top of the table clash. With both teams unbeaten in the   league so far it was a tense game and after a poor first half the boys played   a fantastic second half before narrowly losing. Special mention to Jadd   Jalkhi who was outstanding scoring 17 points.




Yr 10 League v Rickmansworth

Result   :

Won 3-1

Monday 4th   March
Squad :

L.Jarman,   A.Murray, E.Steele, K.Atkinson, K.Hastie, N.Powell, S.Wright, G.Hill,   K.Leach, D.Noel


N.Powell (2)

K.Leach (1)

Comment :

With illness and injury affecting squad numbers   the senior girls travelled with 10 players to Rickmansworth.  In a close fought first half the girls were   unlucky to succumb to a Ricky goal on the stoke of half time.  Undeterred and following an inspirational   team talk the girls scored directly from the re-start before going on to   dominate the second half and secure a well deserved victory. Well done girls.



Yr 10 District Tournament

Result   :

RMS                Lost 0-2

Parmiters         Lost 0-3

St>Michaels     Drew 0-0

Wednesday 6th   March
Squad :

M.Crippin,   T.Crippin, A.Dell, A.Murray, K.Davies, L.Harbal, K.Hastie, E.Steele,   M.Schoeffer, E.Mayo

Comment :

With illness running through the Bushey Meads   team it was a depleted squad taking part in this year’s district   tournament.  Playing 3 group matches in   what proved to be a tough draw the team worked hard throughout.  Playing against overall winners RMS the   team defended with strength and determination to limit the opposition to only   2 goals.  However the best performance came   against last year’s winner St.Michaels, this was a much more evenly balanced   game and the Bushey Meads team worked hard to earn a well deserved draw.  Well played all members of the team



On Tuesday 5th March nearly 30 students from years 7 and 8 took part in the partnership Indoor Athletics Championships  atQueens school. The event featuredQueensSchool , Watford Boys and Girls schools,DameAliceOwensSchool,HertswoodSchool and Yavneh. Competition was fierce but the students responded well and all students can be proud of their efforts. Special mention to Abby Gerry in year 8 who managed to win her individual 2 lap race.

The following students managed to finish in the top 3 in their respective races :

Year 7 Girls

Layla Campbell 3rd – 2 lap A race

Olivia Mcmanus 2nd – 2 lap B race

Lauren Parr 3rd – 2 lap A race

Jessica Rosewarn 3rd – 6 lap race


Year 8 Girls

Abby Gerry 1st – 2 lap B race

Abby Gerry, Jess Boseley, Myah Sharif, Sarah Badry 2nd – 4 x 1 lap relay

Sarah Badry 2nd – 4 lap A race

Beth Brant 2nd – 4 lap B race

Myah Sharif, Isabel Malin 3rd – 8 lap Paulauf race

Sarah Badry, Abby Gerry, Bella Stovey, Isabel Malin 3rd – 4 x 2 lap relay


Year 7 Boys

Curtis Meale 2nd – 4 lap A race

Joe Blagden 2nd – 6 lap race


Full teams :

Year 7 Girls Militsa   Stefanov, Olivia Mcmanus, Martha liberty, Ellie Felgueiras, Lauren Parr,   Bryony Lipman, Layla Campbell, Jessica Rosewarn
Year 8 Girls Bella   Stovey, Abby Gerry, Sarah Badry, Jess Boseley, Myah Sharif, Beth Brant,   Isabel Malin
Year 7 Boys Kristian   Parr, Curtis Meale, Euan Enright, Kyran Feasey, Callum Bedwell, Connor   Freeman, Joe Blagden, Luca Castello
Year 8 Boys Neil   Shah, Ryle Bumagat, Louis Cozens, Sam Farman, Toby Peskin, Dillon Fisher


A special mention to all the Year 11 sports leaders who helped to prepare the team and then officiated the event. WELL DONE 1