Tuesday 20th May

Girls Rounders

Fixture: V Queens (Year 9)

Result: Lost 20 1/2 – 13

Squad: Tehya B T ,Elin B, Isabella S, Niamh C, Maisie B, Sarah B, Allyson S, Tayla BW, I Vincent, Kimeera N,


In a game thats score does not reflect its closeness the BMS team worked really hard.  at half time they trailed by a rounder and a half but a fine deep fielding catching display by the Queens squad restricted the BMS scoring in the second innings.

Well played all players.

Wednesday 21st May

Girls Rounders

Fixture: V Belmont  (Year 7)

Result: Won 18-8 1/2

Squad: Ragavi Aravindan, Emily Houghton-Brown, Georgina Bryant , Melanie Bonyadi ,

Anouska Barrett , Megan Shah, Arabella Parker, Karlee Bracewell, Zoe Davies, Jamie Wheeler

Comment: a great result and performance from the year 7 team, they played really well and dominated their opponents from the start scoring an impressive 9 in each innings.  Well done all players.

Fixture: V Belmont  (Year 8)

Result: Won 15.5 – 4.5

Squad:  Leonie Farrow, Martha Liberty, Claudia Baldry, Riya Patel, Abigail O’Reilly, Layla Campbell, Lauren Parr, Alice Alefounder, Katrina Phillimore


An impressive performance from year 8 with some tactical batting. Fielding was tight and has clearly been practiced to perfection. Well done girls. Good luck for the rest of the season.

Fixture: V Belmont  (mixed year group)

Result: Won 11-8

Squad: Jordan Farmer, Teyha Bingham-Thaker, Elin Bonyardi, Tayla Barnard-White, Ashvina Trivedi, Angel DeAlwis, Vicky Woolmer, Sam Read, Myah Sharif

Comment: This was a good performance from the 7-9 mixed team .In the first innings our fielding team managed to get the opposing team out within 15 balls .Belmont only managed to score 3 rounders due to our effective fielding. We improved our batting in the second innings and pulled away to win the game . Well done to all players.