Rounders reports

Competition:Year   10 Rounders Match Result   :  Drew   10-10 OppositionBusheyAcademy
Squad : Karina Hastie/,Amy   Murray, Hannah Grinston, Eleanor Liberty, Lizzy Jarman, Emily Murray, Georgia   Haughey, Rachel Weinstein, Giuletta Scott-Chapman  
Comment The girls played   really well with some strong batting and fielding.


Competition:Year   8 Rounders Match Result   :  Lost   6 1/2 – 4 1/2 OppositionBusheyAcademy
Squad : Isabella Stovey,   Tehya Bingham-Thacker, Niamph Cooper, Chloe Barry, Elin Bonyadi, Millie Murphy,   Francis Talbot, Sam Hurst, Alysson Sunpanguo, Myah Sharif  
Comment : The girls fielded   well in their first innings, with accurate passing and bowling. Bushey   academy also fielded very well preventing us from scoring rounders in the   first innings.  All girls played well.


Competition:Yr 9 Rounders Result :  Won 13-12 OppositionSt Margarets
Squad : N Cooper, S Badry, I.Stovey,   E.Bonyardi, E.Leeves, J.Boseley, M.Sharif, M Murphy, M Benton  
Comment : Bushey Meads demonstrated  some great hitting and fielding skills to   defeat the opposition. The score was level at half-time and with improved   batting in the second –half Bushey Meads managed to score the winning rounder   in the last minute of the game.Well done to all players.


Competition:Year   7 Result   :  Lost   10 ½ – 8 ½ OppositionSt   Margarets
Squad : L Farrell, C Chella,   V Woolmer, C Baldry, R Patel, K Phillimore, T    Russell, L Parr, L Campbell, R Olcott  
Comment : The girls played   well in both innings with some consistent fielding and batting.Player   of the match- Lauren Parr for excellent batting.