School Expansion – Consultation Evening



Thursday 11 FEBRUARY

5pm – 7pm


Consultation Overview

We are consulting with you on the following proposal:

The development of the site at Bushey Meads School, Coldharbour Lane, Bushey Hertfordshire, WD23 4PA

The proposal will support an increase in the number of students attending the school by one form of entry which commenced as from September 2015. This means that an additional 30 students are being admitted each year over the next 5 – 6 years, resulting in an additional 200 students attending the school by the end of this period.  The school does not currently have enough classrooms to accommodate the extra students. It is proposed that additional classroom accommodation be provided.

Site map

Proposed alterations required

The areas highlighted in yellow on the map overleaf are the locations of the additional buildings creating the following teaching spaces:

  1. Two PE teaching spaces one of which is a multi-gym
  2. Two Art teaching spaces
  3. One Language classroom
  4. One Music classroom and three practice rooms
  5. Two English teaching spaces
  6. One sixth form teaching space


Why is this being proposed?

In line with recent trends we are now seeing a significant increase in the demand for secondary school places in parts of Hertfordshire and this is forecast to increase still further. The Local Education Authority considers it important to ensure there are sufficient places available for students as near as possible to their homes.


Why has this school been chosen for enlargement?

Bushey Meads is a successful school situated in a geographical area where student places are needed and was approached by the Local Education Authority to help address the student place shortfall.


Have your say

The Local Authority believes that the development of Bushey Meads School will have a positive impact for its existing students, staff and local community by improving access to school places, providing for enhanced educational opportunities and for improved facilities in new areas. Bushey Meads would welcome your comments/concerns which will help us formulate a planning submission which will satisfy where possible issues raised.

Please do come along to the school on Thursday 11 February between the hours of 5.00pm – 7.00pm and let us know your thoughts, or visit the Bushey Meads School website and complete the questionnaire.

Please note, a tour of the school site is also being offered to explain the proposed enhancements to the school.  This will be conducted by Mr Jeremy Turner – Executive Principal, along with our Facilities Manager – Mr Richard Chambers, on the same evening at 4.30pm.  If you would like to attend this tour please phone Reception on 020 8950 3000 or email:  reception@busheymeads.org.uk to book a place.  We ask that you book in advance so that we have an indication of numbers attending the tour.