Absence & Illness

In cases of unplanned absences, for example due to illness, the school must be informed as early as possible on the first day of absence of the reason for the absence. Your parent/carer should telephone 0208 955 8863 and state the child’s full name and form group in a clear voice. When you return to school after the absence, you must bring with you a letter from your parent/carer explaining the reason for the absence. Include full name of child and form group. If the school is not informed of the absence in this way or if there is any doubt about the reason for absence, the school will investigate the absence and might refer it to the Attendance Improvement Officer, which has the power to instigate legal action.

If you wake up feeling too unwell to attend school or if you have an accident before school that might affect your learning during the day, you should talk to your parent/carer about not going to school and if you are staying at home make sure that they telephone the school as above. If you come to school unwell or injured, the school cannot do anything but send you home again or call for an ambulance.

If you become unwell or have an accident during the school day you should immediately inform a member of staff who will, if they think it is appropriate, provide you with a note and send you to see the school nurse. Without a note from a member of staff, nurse will not see you. If nurse sends you back to lesson after seeing you, she will provide you with a note to show that you have been with her.

If you are too ill to remain at school or if further medical treatment is required your parent/carer will be contacted to collect you. You may not leave school or go home without permission.