Behaviour Expectations


• put learning first

• attend school every weekday

• be on time for school and lessons

• only be out of lessons or off site with prior permission

• avoid doing anything that could frighten, hurt or upset other people

• follow staff instructions and requests without delay or argument

• be courteous, sensitive and reasonable at all times

• avoid areas that are ‘out of bounds’

• keep mobile phones, Ipods, MP3 players and other personal electrical equipment switched off and out of sight during the school day

• leave valuables at home or in lockers

• restrict jewellery to a small stud or sleeper in each ear

• chew gum only away from the school site

• wear hair in a conventional fashion

• wear full school uniform at all times (trainers, only when actually playing sport)

• not to swear and use other bad language

• students must not spit on the school premises

• put litter in bins and clear up after themselves

• avoid taking other people’s property without their permission

• keep their IT passwords private

• use only their own passwords and their own IT user area

• use IT hardware and software responsibly

• take care of school buildings and property

• not smoke/take drugs or be in the company of smokers/drug takers

• make a positive contribution to the school and to the local community.

• represent the school in a positive way