Homework is extremely important and should have top priority when you consider how to use your leisure time. There are many reasons why we encourage you to take pride in work done outside the classroom. Not least of these are the development of good study habits, practising things learnt in lessons, developing understanding of the curriculum, preparing for a test, organising time and

carrying out research, all of which will lead to the achievement of higher standards.

We expect every student in Year 7 to carry out around 5 – 7 hours of independent study per week, rising to 5-10 hours in Year 9 and 7½ – 12½ in Years 10 and 11.

Staff, parents/carers and students work very closely together to ensure that:

• you always write the work set into your diary in such a way that it can be clearly understood

• homework tasks are completed to the best of your ability

• there is an appropriate place at home where homework can be carried out. If this is a problem please talk to your form tutor

• parents/carers and tutors sign the diary each each week, discussing its contents with you and following up on any problems.