There has been some confusion just recently about free or subsidised bus travel and so I would like to clarify a few points for those who are entitled to either of these.

 If a student has a valid student bus ticket this entitles them to free travel

 If a student has a valid saver card then they have to pay half fare

In cases of any discrepancy about the status of the pass, the bus company has been instructed that under no circumstances is any child to be left at school (even if they have no valid bus ticket / money to pay the fare)

However, if a child tries to get on the bus in the morning, ie on the school-bound journey, without a valid ticket / bus fare the driver is entitled to refuse them entry

 To those that this applies to, please ensure your child has the appropriate pass so that your child is not put in a position whereby they are not accepted on the bus in the morning.


Kind regards

Mr Douglas