Attendance, Dress and Behavior In the Sixth Form

We have the following expectations of each and every one of our Sixth Form students who we see as leaders and ambassadors for Bushey Meads.

To behave appropriately

We are proud of the high standards achieved in the Sixth Form. As you are the senior students of Bushey Meads, we expect, and are accustomed to, exemplary behaviour. The Sixth Form and school is a non-smoking site. We do ask you, as we ask all adults, not to smoke in or near to the school. It is important to note that infringement of school rules could result in your exclusion from the Sixth form

To be on time – attend all lessons, tutorials and assemblies

To organise your time

This means completing assignments, coursework and other set tasks by the deadline given. You will also need to learn to use your study periods effectively. Your teachers will expect you to take much more responsibility for your own learning and devote a great deal of time to study outside the classroom, at least twice as much time outside lessons as is scheduled.

To let us know if, for any reason, you cannot attend

If for any reason a student is going to be unavoidably absent, we expect you to telephone the school by 08.30 a.m. at the latest, to let us know the reason for the absence. Students should phone the sixth form study office on either of the following numbers: Mrs Crane : 020 8955 8801 Mrs Millar : 020 8955 8851 If students are to be absent for any reason other than illness, prior authorisation must be sought from the Head of Sixth Form, by completing a REQUEST FORM FOR AUTHORISED ABSENCE Students will be expected to attend all lessons, tutorials and assemblies. If a student’s record of attendance falls below 96% their place in the sixth form will be reviewed. Similarly, students are expected to arrive at their lessons and tutorials on time. Students arriving late are likely to be refused admission and marked as being absent. Students may not take holidays during term times. Attendance is recorded by an electronic registration system which will make the Head of Sixth Form aware of any lessons a student has missed.

To be appropriately dressed

There is an expectation that Sixth Form students dress appropriately. With this in mind, we do have some dress code rules: The sixth form dress code is ‘smart office wear’. We believe that this not only prepares you for your studies but also for life beyond school. Hair and/or make up should be of a style suitable for a professional environment; if hair is coloured it should be within the natural colour range. No facial piercings are allowed. Ear piercings are allowed in line with the whole school policy of one stud or sleeper earring per ear. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is illegal for a young person under 18 to be tattooed. Where a young person does have a tattoo it must be covered. Below are the rules on the style of dress for Bushey Meads Sixth Form.

BOYS : Permitted

  • A plain suit blazer/jacket and suit trousers
  • A long or short sleeve suit smart shirt
  • A tie
  • Smart dark shoes
  • Optional – A waistcoat, smart tank top, v-neck jumper, cardigan worn underneath the suit jacket

Not Permitted :  Jumpers or hoodies /  Casual cardigans /  Leather jackets / Denim in any form /  Trainers or canvas shoes or military boots /  Suit without a suit jacket / Clothing with holes, studs or rips /  Trousers with outside pocket

GIRLS: Permitted

  • A skirt/trouser suit and jacket or smart dress with jacket
  • Skirt/dress length: to be no more than 3 inches above the knee. Tailored and fitted items are permitted but skin tight is not
  • Trousers: Smart/tailored boot cut, straight-leg or tapered trousers
  • Tops: Short or long sleeved blouses, smart/fine knitwear, blazers
  • Shoes: Smart flats, low-mid heel shoes or smart boots

Not Permitted : Leggings, jeggings or hoodies /  Trousers with outside pockets or studs /  Trainers, canvas shoes or flip flops /  ‘Ugg’ style, above the knee or military boots /  Leather skirts, trousers or jackets /  Sleeveless, strappy or low cut tops/dresses /  Denim in any form / Clothing with holes, studs or rips.

Sixth Form students are representatives of our school and as such it is important that they are dressed in an appropriate manner to enable them to act as role models for our younger students.

Any Sixth former in breach of the dress code will be sent home to change into appropriate clothing.