Triumph in Tottenham

On Saturday 1st March 2013 Ms Bailey, the school’s Highly Able co-ordinator, and Ms Knowles, Head of Social Sciences, Law and English teacher, took a group of twelve pupils from Years Eight and Nine to Tottenham Magistrates Court for the local heat of the Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial competition. The competition is run by the Citizenship Foundation and it is designed to improve legal education within schools, as well as promoting public speaking and teamworking skills among our young people.

The pupils had been rehearsing for just over a month, after school and during occasional lunch sessions, and they were determined to do their best on Saturday. The Defence team were in action first of all, including our Magistrates who were involved in both rounds of the competition, as was Jess Pickles, our Usher AND Legal Adviser. The case involved handling of stolen goods and our defendant, played by Katrina Philimore in Year Eight, did her best to convince the Magistrates from both teams that she was guilty only of being naive in her purchase of a bike off the street. She would never have bought the bike if she had known it was stolen, she assured them.

During this first round our Prosecution team listened attentively and made note of any points that they could use to improve their performances. They went on, like our Defence, to give spirited, confident performances and it was with great delight that Jess went up to collect our winners’ certificates at the end of both rounds. The feedback given to our team by the judges was excellent and the girls should all feel very proud of their contributions. They will now be taking part in the regional heat in May, venue to be confirmed, and we wish them every success then.

The team:

Kajal Dodhia Year 9 Prosecution Witness 2 PC Moreton
Juliana Kemp Year 9 Defence Lawyer 1
Helen Stevenson Year 9 Prosecution Lawyer 2
Amira Izhar Year 9 Defence Lawyer 2
Jess Pickles Year 9 Usher / Legal Adviser
Nadia Naghibi Year 9 Prosecution Lawyer 1
Shannon Ballantine Year 8 Prosecution Witness 1 Lou Mann
Leoni Farrow Year 8 Magistrate
Amie Champion Year 8 Magistrate
Riya Patel Year 8 Defence Witness 2 Sal Mineo
Abigail O’Reilly Year 8 Magistrate
Katrina Phillimore Year 8 The defendant Jaz Henry