KS3 – Targets

Make sure you have read my key points about national curriculum levels first.


  1. The targets are NOT an indication of what the teachers think of your child’s performance. The targets are NOT produced by the teachers at all.
  2. Your child’s targets for the end of the year are a calculation based on their levels in year 6. They show what most students who achieved similar levels in year 6 go on to achieve at the end of each of the following years. They are a benchmark against which you can see if your child is progressing as well as most children who achieved the same average levels in year 6.
  3. At Bushey Meads we ensure better than average progress for our children. Therefore the targets are actually set to show what students in only the best performing 25% of schools go on to achieve at the end of the year. When you child is shown to be meeting their target it means that they are progressing at the pleasing rate of other children with the same year 6 levels in the top performing schools.
  4. The targets vary in different subjects, NOT because you child is doing better or worse in different subjects. Targets can be a whole level higher in maths simply because nationally the average levels are higher, and in Spanish and French (MFL) the target levels will be much lower simply because nationally the average levels are lower.
  5. The targets in particular subjects are calculated from average levels in year 6. So the maths target, for example, is not calculated from the year 6 maths level, but from the year 6 average levels across all core subjects. The targets take no account of a child’s particular disposition towards maths compared with English.
  6. The exception to all of this at Bushey Meads is PE, where the targets are re-calculated according to our PE departments own target-setting system.

Targets are set in this way by most secondary schools. Schools are measured by the government according to progress in subjects from year 6 levels averaged across all core subjects. Therefore schools have little option than to measure all students’ progress in this way.