w/c Monday 24 March 2014

I am sure your child came home last Friday reporting on their participation in the Sports Relief Fun Run – indeed I am sure many of you helped them in organising their fancy dress costume for the event, judging by the number of fun costumes that emerged, year group by year group, through the course of the day.

HEADLINES PICTURE_140321 Fun RunWe were so lucky with the weather – one couldn’t really have expected weather more perfect in March for such an event. It was so good to see all the students and staff (many of which were also in fancy dress!) having such fun and to hear the evidence in their laughter. I include my favourite photo here for you to share.

Today Mr Cartledge announced the grand total of money raised through this event – just over £1,000. This is being given to Sports Relief. Thank you to all families who donated to such a good cause. I am sure many of you watched the BBC on Friday night and saw the worthy causes to which the money contributes.

Of course, the fun run was the icing on the cake. All week the PE & Health Faculty, under the leadership of Mr Cartledge, organised all sorts of health-related activities to focus our students on the importance of health and well-being. Everything from fitness tests and health surveys to Masterchef competitions with a focus on healthy eating. Some lucky staff, myself included, enjoyed judging the event and tasting all the wonderful dishes. A big thank you to Mr Cartledge and his team of PE teachers.

Now for some general information:

Library: In case you have not already been informed, the Library is now open from 8:00am so your child is now able to utilise the facilities before school as well as at the end of the day.

Attendance: I am pleased to report that we have had another week of very high attendance – just over 96.5%. A trend of improved attendance is very evident and may I once again thank you all for supporting the school by ensuring your child’s attendance. Of course, I can see that there is still room for improvement to reach our target of 100% attendance!

Lost Property: This will be displayed in the dining hall next Wednesday (2nd Apr) through break, as is our usual routine before each school holiday. We have a substantial amount of lost items so please check if your child has lost anything since half-term, and if they have then please encourage them to check whether this item is awaiting their collection. All unclaimed items will be donated to the Mencap charity shop in Bushey High Street, providing a second-hand uniform option. A reminder – labelling belongings aids its chances of being returned to its rightful owner.

End of Term: Advance notice – school will finish at 12:15 next Friday (4 April) and the Mullanys buses will be running at this time.

Ms Morawska

Acting Headteacher