Welcome back from the extended weekend

Dear All

I hope that you all enjoyed the extended weekend and the weather with which we were rewarded.

We had another very busy week, at school, as we race towards the finishing line for our Year 11, 12 and 13 students.

However, I can report that Mr Cartledge had a very successful Year 10 GCSE PE trip to Cornwall and all students not only behaved impeccably, but worked incredibly hard to squeeze the last mark out of their performances, as an enhancement to their overall grade. He told me that as the students were abseiling the wind was blowing, but no-one batted an eye-lid. Character building!

This week we saw Mrs Fricker take her Year 10 Geography GCSE students to Weymouth to gather data for their coursework. Some of these students had just returned from their GCSE PE trip, so were very busy. A reminder to all of the commitment that students must make when deciding on their subject choices for their GCSEs. Again, the work from this field trip goes towards the final GCSE grade, so all must ensure their work is completed and to a brilliant standard.

Mr Knowles was busy with his GCSE Drama group and over two nights, they performed in front of the external examiner, students, staff and parents in what can only be described as the ‘best of fringe theatre’. To the extent that even some parents, amongst the audience could not recognise their child within the character he or she portrayed. Enlightening!

HEADLINES PICTURE_140506 GoKartingMr Chalkley and Mr Cox took time out this Sunday (4th May) to take our budding Lewis Hamilton’s to Kent to compete in the Go-Karting Finals – he has sent me a wonderful photo of them all. Again, they behaved impeccably and competed like champions, and although they did not bring home any trophies their tenacity and commitment to their team made us very proud.

‚ÄčOur parental consultation evening was very well attended by a good cross-section of our parent body and as you can imagine, a lively discussion was had by all as to the merits of a Bushey Meads uniform. Mr Turner will be in contact in the near future to update you further.

We have another short week ahead of us, but be assured, we are working very hard to ensure that we make best use of the time ahead of us.

I wish you a very pleasant week ahead.


Ms Morawska

Acting Headteacher