Dear Parents/carers

I would like to welcome you back to our Summer Term and certainly hope that you all had a very restful Easter Break and enjoyed the glorious weather during the latter half.

As our GCSE and A Level parents will know, we held many revision sessions over the two week period and both staff and students were conscientious in their attendance and commitment to their students and studies and for that I thank them and am very proud.

We have started yet another very busy week, with our Year 9s completing their final examinations for Key Stage 3 and I know they are working hard to ensure a smooth transition into their Key Stage 4 career.

With the imminent GCSE and A Levels, we have had the Music GCSE Recitals this week, where our GCSE students performed their examination pieces in front of an audience. It was wonderful to witness the culmination of their hard work.

Tonight we have our GCSE PE groups travelling to Cornwall to complete the practical aspects of their course. We wish them well and success in achieving their grades. We also hope that the sun shines on them, although the forecast does not appear as generous as our wishes.

A reminder that next Wednesday, 30th April, our new Executive Principal, Mr Turner, will be hosting a parents evening to consult on our uniform. If you are intending coming along please make sure you confirm your attendance by emailing Reception.

Finally, a plea to all parents who collect their children by car. It is of great concern to me to witness parents stopping for their children to jump into the car, parking on our neighbours’ kerbs opposite the school, parking on the zig-zags and the crossing outside, collecting children from our vehicle entrance and reversing out and blocking the way for our minibuses who need to collect our physically-impaired students. I am sure as you read this list you are as worried as I am for the safety of our students and I can only ask again of those parents to whom this applies that you make arrangements to collect your children from a safer distance than right outside the school.

Kind regards

Ms H Morawska

Acting Headteacher