With the temperatures dropping quite dramatically over the last 24 hours and with a small, surprise flurry of snow this morning I thought it probably worthwhile reminding everyone of our procedures should we wake up to an overnight snowfall at some point through the winter season.  Please check the following:

I would urge you to use the school’s WEBSITE:  www.busheymeads.org.uk  as your first port of call to check the status.  If a decision were to be taken that the school is closed due to inclement weather then a message would always be posted here on the home page, overwriting any existing article.  If there is no message then the school is open as normal.

As a back up to this message, a groupcall EMAIL and TEXT message would also be sent out.  Of course, if a decision to close had been made then it is inevitable that all other schools in the area are also closing and hence the mobile network could delay the receipt of a text message.  Therefore I would advise you to check for an email as a back up to the website and the text option as your final port of call.

For our new Year 7 parents/carers I would point out that we do not close the school due to inclement weather unless it is really necessary.  The local schools consult before making a decision to close and follow the advice of County and the local Police.  Our focus is always for the safety of our students, parent body and staff.


Mr Douglas