Year 7 Coffee Morning

We were sorry that some of you were unable to attend our parent / carers Coffee Morning, especially during these economic times where time is so precious.
 The school were able to gain valuable insight and feedback on what our focus group would like from the school and how we can develop your needs, along with the group finding out about what the school offer families at the present time.
The morning proved very beneficial indeed, with our parent/carer focus group taking an active role in providing useful feedback on their needs.
We will be sending out questionnaires to all our year 7 families asking for their feedback, as all your opinions matter to us.
At the moment the school offers family support groups (understanding your teens, getting ready for exams etc.). These sessions are run by Family Lives, who are an external provider and work with families on a variety of issues. The school also provide through the Extended Schools Programme, the very successful Family Cooking sessions and we are just commencing an after school IT work shops for our parents / carers.
Please return your completed questionnaires to the KS3