RE: Year 9 Sexual Health Programme Wednesday 21st May 2014
As part of our Year 9 CHOICE programme we have planned to study issues relating to relationships and sex. We believe that this is an important topic for young people to be given information about and to have the opportunity to reflect on so that they will be helped in making informed choices about such matters.
This year we have again decided that this topic would be best approached by making use of professionals from relevant agencies in a “Sexual Health programme” The event will take place in the morning periods 1 -3 and will consist of the six groups, moving from one session to another. Each session will be led by an appropriate specialist. Thus all students will have the opportunity to go to each session in turn on a carousel basis. The planned sessions are :
1. Relationships
2. Sexually transmitted diseases
3. Contraception
There will be the opportunity for students to ask questions both formally and anonymously. We are confident that this event will be a valuable and interesting experience for students. If you have any questions or concerns about this event, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Miss Hazell