The GBBO occurs each year as part of our second Marking and Feedback Fortnight. Staff convene in the Sixth Form Centre (that has been decorated with bunting like the real marquee) with a set of student exercise books or examination papers. They are then set three challenges in which they have to complete throughout the afternoon:

Signature Mark = Trend Marking – marking a set of exercise books within 25min and uncovering the relevant trends. These trends then inform the activities for the subsequent lesson.

Technical Mark = Coded Marking – using the trends uncovered in the Signature Mark to write a coded list of ‘Achievements’ and a coded list of ‘Targets’. Staff then write the relevant code after each piece of work e.g. A1 / T3 and students refer to the code sheet so they are aware of what they have done well and what they need to do to improve.

Showstopper Mark = Try These Marking – staff challenge students by writing a ‘Try These’ set of questions in their book / on their test paper to stretch their understanding and progress their learning.